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Blue sweatshirt Cardigan


Blue plain unisex sweatshirt with zipper and decorative stripes. Size on label: men’s XL. Fits to all. (Modeled on M frame)

Green Patterns zipped unisex shirt


A stylish green patterns shirt/cardigan with zipper, Mao collar and a front pocket with zipper. Size on label: 42. Fits to S-M-L for women, depending on the desired style. (Modelled on M frame)
(There is a small stain at the front of the shirt, next to the zipper as seen in the picture.)
Shoulder to shoulder: 50 cm
Sleeve length: 58 cm
Chest: 64 cm
Back length: 80 cm

Vintage 3 colors fleece vest with zipper


This is a warm sports fleece vest suitable for men & women. Fits M-L-XL.

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Vintage black & white geometric patterns fleece with zipper


This is a wonderful warm black & white fleece cardigan with geometrical patterns and zipper. Fits to S-M-L according to the desired style.  Great condition.

Vintage white / black reindeers pattern fleece cardigan with zipper, S


This is a wonderful white fleece jacket with patterns. Size on label S.  Great condition.

Vintage brown handmade heavy knit cardigan with zipper


This is a brown handmade long heavy knit cardigan with zipper.  Best fits to L-XL. Great condition.

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Vintage black & white unisex turtleneck with zipper patterned knit


This is a wonderful men’s black & white turtleneck with zipper patterned knit. Size M-L-XL for men. Fits to S-XL for women according to the desired style.  Great condition.

Women’s Bench sweatshirt with zipper and warm collar


This is a Bench sweatshirt cardigan with zipper and warm neck. It best fits to S-M. Very good condition.

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Vintage Military Black Bomber Jacket


This is a light garment appropriate to wear in a windy day or night! Brand on Label: Jacket, Poly/Wool 242 East Berkeley …

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Vintage Denim Felt Lining Jacket


Label: BIG BEN Made in U.S.A. Shell: 100% Cotton Lining: 60% Acrylic, 40% Polyester Size: 42 *Two Pockets *Zipper *Felt Lining *Cord …

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Denim Stripped Shirt


Vintage Denim Striped Shirt, Light Jacket, Zipper, Men, Blue-Orange-Cream, Skate, Large