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Vintage 80’s black dancers knit blouse


This is a fan dancers padded 80’s knit blouse.
It best fits to S-M. Very good condition.

Vintage flower pattern cotton 80s padded shoulder dress


This is an amazing free size cotton dress with padded shoulders and matching belt. It has a wonderful floral pattern and a front opening.
It fits to all but sleeves are M size length.  Perfect condition

Vintage 80’s black & white geometrical knit


This is a wonderful 80’s warm black & white geometrical knit. The knit is decorated with silver threads. It best fits to …

High waisted light blue jeans


This is a Madonna high waisted light blue jean. It best fits to L. Exact waist measurement: 80cm Length: 110cm

Madonna Jeans White


This is a cool white jeans size 30