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Vintage green/grape sports track jacket


This is a great lightweight sports track jacket.  Size on label: men’s M. It fits S-M-L for women according to the desired style. (The zipper driver is cut and is replaced by a paperclip)

Vintage Carhartt grey plaid mens shirt


This is a Carhartt plaid shirt with repaired leather patches elbows.  Size on label: M.
Faintest discoloration at the lower part of the left sleeve as seen on the picture.

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Vintage black/wine red thin track shell jacket


This is a stylish lightweight track shell jacket.  Size on label: XL. It fits S-M-L as well according to the desired style.

Vintage red/black light padded blazer


This is a very stylish light padded blazer with no buttons.

Vintage kids, M&M denim jacket, age 7-10


Denim M&M’s “I melt for no one” bomber jacket.  Suitable for 7-10 years old. Great condition.

Vintage kids, Pink padded Hello Kitty jacket, age 5-7


Pink padded Hello Kitty jacket.  Suitable for 5-7 years old. Great condition.

Vintage kids, Yellow padded duck jacket, age 2-4


Yellow padded duck jacket with hoodie.  Suitable for 2-4 years old. Great condition.

Vintage Ska track top jacket


This is an amazing Ska style track top jacket.  Size on label: L. It fits S-M as well.

Vintage white top puffed shoulders


This is a vintage handmade white top with puffed shoulders, slightly short sleeves. It’s fabric is slightly shiny like lurex. Best fits to S.

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Vintage wine red track top jacket with velvet designs


This is an amazing track top jacket with special velvet designs.  Size on label: L. It fits S-M as well.
(It has some minor repairs on the collar as seen on the pictures) Otherwise, it is in great condition.

Vintage pop print track top


This is a wonderful pop print track top with zipper & pockets. Fits best to XS-S-M.

Sold out

Vintage animal print zip shell jacket


This is a wonderful animal print shell jacket with zipper & pockets. Fits to M-L-XL

Vintage black & white Stripe Baja, hoodie / Mexican Parka


This is a Mexican baja hoodie blouse with inside fleece suitable for men & women. Fits to L-XL-2XL. Very good condition.